Kittl design: Inspiration and innovation in the world of graphics

Here I will explore Kittl , a new platform for graphic design.

Read my comprehensive review to discover why Kittl is the first choice of designers around the world.

What is Kittl?

Kittl is an online design platform that was founded in 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

Its founders are Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul.

kittl introduction

It allows you to create beautiful graphics, logos, t-shirts, social media posts, and hundreds of other designs.

You can use templates from world-class designers or start from scratch. 

Kittl also has tools that use artificial intelligence to convert text to vector or image formats, remove backgrounds, and more.

But let’s start in order.


Registering on Kittl is simple.

You must enter your name, email address, and password.

kittl signup

Of course, it is also possible to register through your Google or Facebook account.

Variety of Kittl graphic design

Kittl offers various tools that can speed up and facilitate the creation of images and graphics regardless of purpose.

AI Text to Vector

This is a tool where you describe the image or icon you want to create and the artificial intelligence will take care of the rest.

kittl text to vector

Generated images or icons will be in vector formats and you will be able to enlarge them without losing quality.

AI text to image

This option is similar to the previous one with the difference that the generated images will be in one of the raster formats.

We have tried many AI platforms, but somehow we have the impression that Kittl generates the most beautiful images.

ai text to image

This was our generated image for testing purposes.

AI background removal

AI image background remover will do a great job removing any background.

ai background removal

Mockup generator

A mockup, as you already know, is an object on which you place your image in order to see how it looks on different surfaces.

kittl mockup generator

From an extremely large collection of models, you have to select one and position your image to see how it looks in everyday life.

Premium fonts

Kittl has a whole series of professional fonts for almost any purpose.

kittl premium fonts

But the fonts themselves would not have much effect without the next great feature of this program, which is Text Transformation.

Text transformation

This is perhaps one of the best features of the Kittl platform.

All possible inscriptions can be transformed as desired to be in the form of a circle, curve, or flag, at a certain angle, and you can get any other shape.

advanced text editor

It is also possible for the letters to decrease towards the middle and increase again towards the end and vice versa.

Text effects

Additional text effects can be adjusted in the effects settings. 

Here you choose whether the text will have a shadow, shadow color, angle, length, and how thick the edges of the letters will be.

kittl text effects

Under decoration, you can also apply various types of decorations on the letters.

By using them, you can change the text created in one font in several different ways.

Texture library

Kittl has a huge library of textures. They can be applied to almost any element on the desktop.

advanced textures

The characteristics of the applied textures can be changed in many different ways so that you get exactly what you want.

Additional effects that you can apply are Normal, Color Burn, Multiply, Overlay, Soft Light, and Alpha Mask.


Under the illustrations, you can find any additional element that fits your image.

kittl ilustrations

All illustrations are professionally made and sorted according to purpose.

Logo creator

Logo creator is an integral part of this platform.

You can create a logo from scratch or use a ready-made one.

kittl logo creator

You can save the finished logo in high-quality raster or in one of the vector formats such as PDF or SVG.

AI background generation

One of the advanced functions of this program is AI background generation.

This can be especially useful if you are editing images for a webshop.

Ai background generator

If you don’t like the product image you have, you upload it to Kittl, remove the background, and generate a new one.

AI generated background with product

So you can place your products in any environment with any background.


Kittl works with layers in its editor.

This makes work much easier when there are a large number of elements in the image.

kittl layers

The highest layer in the list will be in the picture in front of the others.

By dragging the layers in the list, we can move them in front of or behind the others.

We can also hide them by pressing the eye icon as well as lock them.

Cooperation between members

Kittl goes a step further with collaboration options.

Multiple team members can easily collaborate on projects, optimizing workflow and increasing creativity.

Can you make money on this platform?

Kittl still doesn’t have, creating graphic elements, which you can sell like it exists on Canva.

But what it does have are constant contests (challenges).

kittl chalenges

There are Kittl communities on many social networks.

Every now and then there is a task to design on a certain topic. 

Members of the community evaluate the works and the three most successful designs are rewarded with cash prizes.


You can try the Kittl platform for free and for that, you will have 15 credits until you use them.

Kittl subscription price is $15/month for Pro and $30 for Expert version.

kittl price

Here we must mention that the annual subscription brings even 50% savings.

If you are a student and provide documentation, the price will be 50% lower.

If you are a teacher, you can also use this platform for free.


Although the Kittl platform is relatively new, I really liked the possibilities it has.

I think those who make templates for printing on t-shirts and objects will benefit the most from using them.

Great fonts and effects as well as professionally made elements and templates guarantee a good design.

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    (Originally posted at SEPTEMBER 8, 2023.)

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